Goals for 2021


I suppose the first thing on this blog should be about my goals for 2021 and what I hope to accomplish. I can refer to this post and see if I actually manage to achieve anything I set out to do. So without any further hesitation:

  1. Actually buy a domain name and set up the blog.
  2. Write at least 6 long form pieces on whatever topic I choose (1/6).
  3. Read at least 10 books (1/10).
  4. Make at least one video about something I’m doing.
  5. Create and post 3 sets of photos.
  6. Get back to Australia and see my family and friends.

I’ll probably add to or revise this list as the year goes on. I tried to pick some things that were relatively easy to achieve so I can tick them off quickly and then move on to new things.